Help improving current build

I am currently on floor 310 without much difficulty clearing bunches of enemies at a time with this build but it takes a while against epic enemies or above so I’m asking you more experienced players for some help improving.
The build in question is as follows:

Lvl 100 plagebringer of wisdom (mainly using eathshatter, no changes form basic)

Lvl 92 blight of the elements (mainly for taunt and plagued bonus, no changes as well)

Lvl 100 earthen plate of death (for the crushing blow and taunt proc, basic)

Lvl 100 Energy helm of the blessed (with +6845 health, +8 earthshatter, and +14% attack speed, just a 4 socket rare improved with angelite 2 topaz or whatever the orange affix adding one was)

Lvl 84 rozenzi of the blessed (just for the ignore resist, basic)

Lvl 100 eternal oaken’s branches of death (works well due to the high crushing blow and strength, basic)

As you can see I didn’t change anything on the items due to the overwhelming amount of customization possible, at most I made a single mythic.
I have 1 ruby as my rarest crystal and 1 fortune as my rarest mythstone and everything below I have tens of not hundreds.
I know it’s possible to improve it by a lot but I’m just too stupid to understand all of the options, I just want to be able to kill single targets in less than 5 minutes, thanks in advance :blush:


here are 4 posts that can help you with the early part of boosting damage. I didn’t talk much about what to do about any Builds after these posts because there are so many combinations when you look at Elements, Skills, Talents, and the many different Affixes that you can only put on 36 spaces, 42 if you have a Pet.

another thing is what you want your Build to do.

Ascending Builds are focused on maximum Experience gains on floors 100-110 while killing monsters fast. this is the Build you want when you want to get all of the Perks.

Farming Builds are focused on high Luck & Gold Find, maybe high Item Drop Rate, and for the more focused Farm Builds, Eternalized, Crystalline, Mythical, and Nadroji & Nadroji Bonus. farming floor 500-510 is the usual goal for most players.

Floor Climbing Builds are focused on killing monsters and not dying as you climb the floors of any difficulty level.

PVP Builds are for Battle Arena.

Attack Speed only works for the Primary Skill of MH Weapon, Cool Down works for all of the other Skills.

high Crit Chance & Crit Damage with Deadly Strike, with Skill Points in Earthshatter, will get you a lot of damage, especially if you are using Taunt to group enemies together before hitting them with Earthshatter.

don’t worry, we were all stupid when we first played DQ (at least I was). when I was Ascending for all 6 Perks, I used all that time to learn what different Skills & affixes did in different combinations. it also helped that I read a lot of Posts in the Forums for ideas and hints as to what works and what doesn’t.

the best advice is to read the Codex. this way, you will have a little understanding of what is available, and where to look for information. if the Codex doesn’t have the info, hopefully the DQ Forum does!