Help me optimizing, I'm new here

Here is my build, i use rogue as main, and wiz for hireling

few questions from me:

  1. I’m planning to remove apocalypse and nova mythic set to weaken or crushing crystal affix to my rogue, is it any good? to maximize weaken and crushing?
  2. for my Wiz build, I’m going to do nearly same affixes to my rogue, or any better idea?
  3. I’ve tried using narodji bonus set, but got kicked in the butt whenever legend enemy appears (I’m farming on 700+) so better to use inferno + crushing flame
  4. any better way to farm ultra rare crystals than I’m doing now?
  5. I also tried to use frozen + crushing flame but either crushing flame or frozen won’t work, is it something to do with my effective mythic set ring? or else?

sorry for bad English

take Explosive off of the Flintlock and put +5000 Weapon damage.

Nadroji, Crystalline, Eternalized, and Mythical Sets only work on the Main Character, not the Hireling.

Coat Weapon only affects one attack at a time. Veil Talent increases how long it lasts when you have Stealth Skill activated. might be better to get a different OH and put a Legend +30% Elemental Critical on your Rogue somewhere. this should fix your Rogues Crushing Flames problem.

for most players, +90% Weaken is enough. I usually go with +120% Weaken myself.

put at least one more Weaken on your Wizard for +60%, until you have a chance to put a Crystal +90% Weaken on him.

Put an Epic +100% Weapon Damage on the Skull.

on your Ring and Robe, change the +5000 Fire to +20% Fire.

maybe change Wizard Element to Ice. with Amplify Talent and Rogue hitting everything with Fire, enemies will have 2 Element DoT’s on them (Ice and Fire) meaning you double the damage done by Amplify.

Bloodbath Talent on Shibe Pet is a Warrior Talent. Talents on Pets only work for the Class they are from. you could change it to the second Weaken you need.

  1. Weaken at +90% to +120% is usually good enough. getting it to +200% will give you a ton of damage, but will cost you a minimum of 3 spaces (2 Crystal Weaken and 1 Epic Weaken). a fast attack skill usually only needs +30% Crushing Blow, while a slow attack skill might want +40% to +60%.
    if you ever use Ignore Resist, it will cancel out Weaken and Effective Mythic. the good thing about it is you don’t worry about enemies being Immune to your Elements or Greatly Resisting your Elements.

  2. Farming Sets (mentioned above) don’t work on Hirelings. there can only be one Storm active at a time. it might be better to use Twister or Orb Skill since you have Discordance on the Wizard. Skilled Mythic will only work on Pierce Skill (MH Primary Skill), so use Twister to taunt enemies together and then hit them with some Pierce.

  3. consider improving your damage for both Characters. also, max Dodge to +60% to +75% and put Block +45% on the Wizard. using Smokebomb on Rogue will help a lot (when using Smokebomb, the next attack that hits the Rouge is automatically Dodged, plus it blinds any enemies in its AoE). you also might want to think about farming on a lower floor, 300 - 500, until you improve your Characters to survive on higher floors.

  4. get Luck to +300% on both Characters (as shown on Stat Page. total of Luck Nature, affixes, and Fortune Skill). on Difficulty Mythic 3 the Luck Cap is +650% (M3 gives +350% Luck). Luck is averaged between the Main & Hireling.

  5. on higher floors, it might be taking you so long to kill monsters that they become immune to your Elemental Crits (usually after 5-6 Elemental Crits). this can happen if your attack damage/DPS is really low compared to how much Health your enemies have. Effective Mythic only causes all of your attacks to do +25% damage to all enemies, lowered by Greatly Resist Element enemy affix, and I think it gets Blocked by Immune to Element (if it’s the right Element).

here is a post on how Weaken, Effective Mythic, and Ignore Resist work. although Weaken is way better, sometimes using Effective Mythic with it can help, if you have the room on your build. and some builds do well using Ignore Resist instead of Weaken and/or Effective Mythic. Effective Mythic kind of sucks if not using Weaken.

it’s only a little bit, but I hope this helps some.

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I’m attending to get 2000 explosion from the start tho, since it’s Nova and I see somewhere else using explosives build is good as good crushing, so I just hybrid it

my vials is cranucopia +10 fortune originally, i take that because of it, and use shatter to move around

so I should use different Wiz build then to remove crystaline? is it still worth to gain 10 fortune skill hero? on both maybe. still don’t get it about 650 luck come from

how about 2 epiphany and cerebral vortex? is it good?

there’s a build called inf damage (using crushing flame and frozen), I’ve tested it using pistol to frozen then trap to imolate or crushing, but it seems don’t work, been trying either too tho but the result is the same, can’t crushing (imolate) nor can’t freeze

Explosive +2000% on a Pack Size Map can be pretty awesome!

each Difficulty Level, except Very Easy, gives bonus Experience, Gold Find, and Luck, at the cost of Enemies doing more Damage and having more Health. the lower the Difficulty Level, the more Gold Find and Luck you need on your Farm Builds to get to the Cap of +650%. M3 gives +350% Gold Find and Luck, so you need a total of +300% Gold Find and Luck on your Equipment. Epiphany (5) increases the Cap +25% of most affixes. Perks improve different aspects of Farming. with Epiphany (5), M3 difficulty, and Fortunate Perk, you can get Gold Find & Luck to +1012%!

any of those Set affixes I listed that are on your Wizard (while the Wizard is a Hireling) are just wasting space doing nothing. so you could use Kyanite to take them off and replace them with another affix, use Amethyst to put a different Set affix on them, or get totally new Items and redo your Wizard.

Cerebral Vortex is only good on floors that you don’t get one hit killed in PVE or in a Battle Arena fight for PVP.

Immolate and Freeze are Elemental Critical. if you don’t have Epic Immolate and Freeze, or Legend Elemental Critical, Crushing Flames and Frozen will not work.

one thing that could be happening, is that your Ricochet is shooting so fast, that enemies are getting Elemental Crit’d 5 times and then becoming immune, and then their HP isn’t low enough when getting Freezed so they don’t die while Freezed and getting all that damage from the Frozen explosions.

so i don’t have to upgrade fortune skill while I’m on m3 and have fortunate perk? and some affixes that boost item drops?

I thought frozen + crushing fail because my effective ring cause my traps don’t trigger imolate

Effective Mythic doesn’t actually change your attacks Element. it causes all of your attacks to be Effective against all Elements on all Maps. it doesn’t affect a Skills ability to cause Elemental Crits.

Effective means Poison attacks on Shock Maps do +25% damage, -50% damage on Poison Maps, and Normal damage on Fire & Ice Maps, for example. Effective Mythic would make Arcane, Poison, Shock, Fire, and Ice Attacks do +25% damage on Shock, Poison, Fire, and Ice Maps.

I have noticed that for some reason, some OH Skills don’t cause Elemental Crits, and others do. I haven’t seen a list of Skills that do or don’t cause Elem. Crits, so you might have to use a different Skill. I think Smokebomb can cause Elem. Crit.

if you have 20 points in Fortune Skill (+50% Gold Find, Luck, and Item Drop), then you need +250% Luck & Gold Find on your Items on M3. this includes what you get from Luck & Greed Natures (25% Luck & Gold Find each). with 40 points in Fortune Skill (+100% Gold Find, Luck, and Item Drop) you would need +200% GF & L. this would get you to the +650% cap. Fortunate Perk would add +200% to the Cap for a +850% GF & L, plus a +5 yard radius to picking up items. Item Drop has a +200% cap. doing a Main & Hireling Farm Team, Luck & Item Drop is averaged between Main & Hireling, and Gold Find only needs to be on the Main (did a bunch of tests. you could double check my results to be on the safe side). also, a Main & Hireling get a +100% Item Drop bonus on top of the +200% cap.

thank you, now I’m understand how much fortune skill i need to reach the caps,

also, can you give me link that contain for better crystal farming? better if it’s rogue with few editing on crafting

Crystal Farming is the same as Myth Stone Farming. each Crystal has a number on it that is the lowest floor it can be found on. Luck increases the chances of higher Tier Crystals dropping. on floor 100, Calcite stops dropping, and higher Tier Crystals have the same chance to drop as the next lower Crystal (Kyanite now has the chance to drop that Larimar had, and so on). for each 100 floors up to 500, the next lowest Crystal doesn’t drop (the 5 lowest at floor 500) (on floor 500, Kyanite has the same chance to drop as Calcite while Calcite, Angelite, Quartz, Diamond, and Larimar don’t drop at all).

using Crystalline Set can increase the chance of higher Tier Crystals to drop even more. I think Crystalline (6) would increase the chance for higher Tier Crystals to drop by +45% and +300% chance for Legend Items dropping with a Crystal affix (if there is an affix on the Item that is on the Crystal Affix List).

some players farm on Very Easy or Easy to kill monsters faster/easier, but you need more space to get your Luck & Gold Find to Cap. when you look at Options > Difficulty Level, it will show you what your bonus is for Gold Find & Luck. just subtract that from the Cap to find out what you need on your Equipment.

here are a bunch of different builds that might give you some ideas for improving your build.

some of these builds are from before Patch 3.0, so they might need a few changes to still be useful. the last one, Explosive Pellets - Arcanist needs Weaken to work instead of Crit chance, so Ignore Resist would have to be taken off (it cancels Weaken affix & Effective Mythic). a more recent Patch 3.1(?) Obsidian Crystal can now also be used to max the values of Crystalline affixes.

hope this helps.