Hi folks! I need an advice for new set for floor hiking or you can gimme some tips to my current build…

here the screenshoot

For mob control with spam taunt xD (I’m so fun with it)

For the Dps

My current floor but still continue… sometimes can’t kill the mob from shrine :sob:

please gimme some tips. don’t worry about resources, I’m ready for it.

Thanks before :call_me_hand:

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your Hireling looks great, doesn’t look like she needs any changes.

for your Main, use Garnet to take off all 5 of the Item Quantity MS’s, and replace them with 3 Legend Item Drop affixes. if your Fortune Skill is at 40, then you will be at +250% Item Drop. doing this will allow you to put a different MS on your Eternal Lance and some other affix, maybe another Frostbiting, on the remaining Item.

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yes, you right my rogue have a deadly set for climbing… I mean I need build my wizard because I see wizard good for pvp so I need leveling my wizard :joy:… btw thanks for your advice golem, I’m old player too like you, play the game since 2014 xD

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Wait is it possible to get eternal map?! (I did not know about that)

@Vinz yes, you can find Eternal Maps. Farm Builds with high Luck and Eternalized Set with Treasured Perk give the best chances for finding them. if you want to focus on getting a few in a short time, just run through a Challenge Map to the Cartographer and kill him for the map. only save the Eternal & Legend Maps, buying a Challenge Map from the shop on a lower floor. you can convert a Map to a higher floor using Gold. after you have about 10-20 Legend Maps, do them all in a row with your Eternalized Farming Build. Legend Maps increases your Luck & chance for Eternals above the cap. after you get however many Eternal Maps you want, farm them all in a row, cleaning out each map for huge amounts of Loot!

@Mastoleee for leveling your Wizard, if you just want it for PVP, you only need to level it to 99 once. just have it be a Hireling on one of your other Characters, make sure they both have max +200% Exp, and the Hireling with lots of survival for floor 100-110 M3 (floor 100 is where monsters max out on Exp they give. there are some nice posts on the subject.)

If a builder coukd help me?

i know you have been playing for a few years now, but hopefully this will help new players who are reading this Thread.