What should i do with this

Remove Orb and add set affix

You must use an amethyst crystal to add a set affix.

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Remove orb+. Add cosmicoeb mhytskill.

if you are new, use it as is, just remember that Glasscannon cuts your HP by 50% while it increases your damage by 50%. increasing your Dodge to 40% to 50% will help keep your HP from going down to zero too much. with that much Crit Damage, make sure you have at least 40%+ Crit Chance for the extra damage on Critical Hits. if after using it you feel like you don’t like using the weapon and the Skills it has (Pierce and Orb), just use another weapon. if you find an item that has the Reactor Set, that goes very well with the Orb Skill. it shoots out laser beams (Arcs) every half second for as long as Orb lasts, and they have a range of 3 yards for each rank of Reactor you have.

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Just check them man:

Mid’s DMG Max Guide


Many possible choices. Its an okay weapon but just remember there will be weapons with 200% weapon DMG and you should free up room for at least a set affix. A good player not only knows the rules but also knows when to break them. You should also remember that there are weapons with higher base dmg such as Gauntlet.

If you are planning to use Pierce skill though, you can keep this weapon as Amber cannot change primary skills, only special skills so thats why Orb can appear on any weapon.