New here, my build is weird, help

Is the satyrs spirit set good for farming? I currently have 5 of that set because of an elixir mythstone added to my Isis plus the other 3 (staff, ring, amulet). I also have a problem about this build because my gold find% affixes, including the ones on satyr’s don’t add up when I looked on stats>adventure cuz it caps to 650% instead of more than that and I’m on mythic 3 diff, my gold find affixes add up to 420% + 350% from mythic 3 diff (estimated). I look forward on being new here.


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first, Satyr’s Spirit can be good for an early Farm Build on lower floors (up to around 100-150ish ?), as it gives you lots of armor for defense and MP to power your spells/skills when you have lots of Gold Find. this is based on the Gold Find affixes on the equipment and I think also any Greed Natures (+25% Gold Find each).

on the Stat Page, any Gold Find over +650% is ignored, but any GF on your equipment, even if it goes over the Cap, will be used by SS to improve your AR & MP.

when/if you get the Fortunate Perk, this will give you +200% Gold Find & Luck that is counted over the Cap, so with +300% on equipment with Fortune Skill & Greed Natures with +350% M3 difficulty, you have a new total of +850% Gold Find & Luck. the extra GF from Fortunate Perk isn’t used by SS for better AR & MP.

Luck has the same Cap as Gold Find. this helps get higher Tier Equipment, Myth Stones, and Crystals.

Second, on higher floors, high armor and all resist with damage reduction become less effective while taking up more space on equipment, while Dodge & Block with Sanctuary Mythic become more effective. when you get to high enough floors, you can get one shot killed by monsters, so not getting hit becomes more important for survival.

the good thing with the Fortune Skill is that it also gives you Item Drop, which causes more Gold, Equipment, Crystals, and Myth Stones to drop.

when you get to the point that the Equipment you are using isn’t good enough for farming or survival, do a Search :mag: for Farm Builds to see what other Players have done or any advice they have for better Farm Equipment.

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What’s “SS” and how do I get the perk? and is it true that you said weapon dmg> elemental dmg? does the weapon dmg stack with the elemental dmg%?

SS is short for Satyr’s Spirit.

when you get to Character Level 99, in the Shop > General Tab, there is a button at the bottom. it is greyed out when you are below Level 99, and brightened when you are Level 99. when you tap it, you get a choice of 6 Perks. there are a bunch of posts on which order to get them and why. most players will get all of them, and some only get the ones they really want and ignore the others.

when you chose a Perk, you get reset to level 1 with level 1 equipment. the equipment you had equipped are placed in your bags until your character level is half, rounded down, of your equipment level, at which point you can equip them again. your Stats get reset to 1, but the Hero Points in Skills are not reset.

this post shows in which order you work out the early damage part of any build.

Base Weapon Damage add Power Stat. multiply by Item Quality and Weapon Dmg%. add Weapon Dmg+. multiply Elemental Dmg%. add Elemental Dmg+. the weapon damage only applies to the weapon it’s on. elemental damage applies to weapons of the same element.

so if you have an Epic +100% weapon dmg with +5000 weapon dmg and 2 epic +20% elemental dmg with a +5000 elemental dmg, you could do more damage than if you didn’t have them. each Power Stat gives 75 points of damage, so the 5 you start with at level 1 gives 375 damage. BWD is all based on weapon level. negative Item Quality actually lowers your damage a little (-10% is supposed to be the lowest, but I’ve only seen -8% so far, but I’m still looking…).

there are +200% Weapon Damage and +100% Elemental Damage affixes. they can’t be rolled with Ruby (which rolls for Legend affixes), they can only be found on Legend Items (the LegendEx in the Codex lists all the Legend Items and the affixes they have on them).

this post is an easy way to boost damage. sure, there is only a chance to get a critical hit, but you can improve your 10% chance to 60% chance, and the crit damage from +50% to +400% (+350% cap plus the base +50%).

dead enemies cant kill you, so more damage means you can kill them before they kill you!

this is a lot of info, but it helps so much since idk the mechanics of the game. props to you, man. Also, one more question, I planned out to make a crushing flames + inferno build. do you have any tips of what affixes and mythstones I should apply to make it overpowered? I’m planning to use elixirs on an inferno ring and the crushing flame amulet, then put crushing blows on my armor and jewels except for weapons. Weapon dmg+ and endow on arson, I’ll also use ignis’ skull for the 100% dot duration to replace the CF hat, I also wonder what OH weapon I should use. I was thinking of aethereal drain, but I’m still unsure.

which class are you using?

also, if using crushing flames, don’t forget to use crushing blow, at least +20%, and some Elemental Critical.

I would wait until you have played a little longer before using Aethereal Drain. some set affixes are easier to use than others. I’ve been playing for awhile and have only tested AD once just to see how it worked.

Arson has +100% ED, but I can’t remember if it has +100% WD. if it does, and you still have room for Endow and +5000 WD, go for it. also, how many total points do you have in your Power Stat?

Crushing Flames is already an over powered set, but using Demonic Set with it will help a lot when the enemies HP gets to 25% or lower.

I’m using wizard and I have 80 on my power stat I used some on the health stat and none on the mana stat. How do I get a demonic set?

I use a poison warrior farming build and (5)Satyr’s spirit on an imp along with (5)Plagued on hatchet with max cooldown are my essentials.
Also, (5)Eternalized on a lance for massive burst speed to blow through levels, (5)Crystaline on a helmet, (5)Adventure with Exposed Mythic and Ignore Resist on chest,(5)Momentum on the ring with max move speed and Haunting Bonus for power, and finally (5)Epiphany on an amulet for max stats.
I also use a Wizard hireling with (7)Epiphany

1012% Luck
1012% Gold
360% Item Find

Countless hours of farming with this build has me #1 on the Legends Found leader board, and virtually unlimited resources in crystals, mythstones, and dust to create any build imaginable.

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Demonic is a Set Affix on 4 Rogue Items. that means either finding them as Loot or using Dust to buy one of the Items from the LegendEx.

you can also use Amethyst Crystal to put Demonic Set on any Item except the Pet.

the Slime named Hell has the Demonic affix.

there is a Legend affix called Execute +100% that does the same as Demonic, but you can’t get it with Ruby Crystal, so you have to find an Item with it. if you have Execute and Demonic, their damage is multiplied.

the reason Power Stat is important for damage is that if it is low (about 45 or lower, depending on the weapon) it kind of makes using Weapon% damage kind of useless or underpowered for improving the DPS of a weapon.

as a Wizard, use Sorcery Talent to improve your Fire DoT and Fester Talent to speed up and lengthen the time of your Fire DoT (the improved time multiplies with the extra time from Inferno. Fester 40 with Inferno 5 will give 3 Fire DoT per second for 4 seconds, and I think it makes Immolate do 3 Fire DoT for 6 seconds, but not sure).

nice Farm Build @DJC !


Thank you! I’m looking to make a fully new and different build that will give similar farming results with more power. :muscle:

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a basic farm build has Gold Find & Luck at Cap. you can add Item Drop to Cap for more Loot.

for better farm build performance, getting all 6 Perks can help a lot.

after all that, using the Sets Nadroji (with or without the Nadroji Bonus), Eternalized, Crystalline, or Mythical, in any combination you want, can also improve a Farm Build. many players just use one of these to make a focused farm build for certain items.

there is even a Pet Farm Build…

the first part is before Patch 3.0, and later in the Thread there’s an update for Patch 3.0.


I use an electro wizard that uses discordance and the twister skill to make an eternal stun lock laser-nado

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Holy, the amount of info, and just everything helps! it’s all thanks to you, so with this I’ll use this info to improve my wizard. If I could, I’ll maybe give you screenshots of progress. Therefore, I’ll see you maybe in a long time, cause my time on the game is very limited and it will take me a lot of time. Thanks again man.


DQ has been around for over 10 years, with lots of players sharing what they’ve learned. I use Wizard a lot, and have recently decided to work on Rogue & Warrior builds. and I still have a lot to learn!

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Just unlocked Arson and got lucky cus I got nadrojis robes and the one for the head, though it’s only for the warrior, I’ll used jasper on it so my wizard can use it.