PvP - How to Precisely Calculate HP and MP

This thread is intended to provide enough information to assist in calculating PvP HP and MP. The first post is applicable to Version 3.0. This post is intended to provide each player the precise way to calculate HP or MP. I have only provided examples below and conducted some follow on scenarios. Always remember that you have the ability to control 42 Affixes that are applicable to the Arena (6 Gears and Pet). How you manage the affix allocation is up to your play style and what you want to accomplish.

As of Version 3.0, HP and MP Flat Epic values changed from 10k and 5k respectively. The calculated flat values for HP before 3.0 were 2080 and MP 1040. Version 3.0 balanced these values to 7500 Max for each (double for Eternal Gear). The new PvP flat value is 1540 for HP and MP.

In order to calculate your displayed HP in PvP, you need to know the following information:

1. Quantity of Flat Epic HP/MP affixes. Conversion of Flat HP/MP is 1540/7500 or 20.533333%. If you have an Eternal gear with Flat HP or MP value of 13500 then the PvP value would become 2772 (13500x20.5333333%)

2. Sum of all HP%s [Obsidian HP%, Epic HP%, HP% Mythstone, Legend Strength % and any other affixes I did not list that provide HP% --> does not include Legend Balance]

3. List of all synergy sets that increase HP/MP.

–> Sets that increase HP [Not All-inclusive] are Plagued (25%/rank), Vampiric Touch (25%/rank), BattleMage (20%/rank), Faun Gift (12.5%/rank of Luck on gear).

–> Sets that increase MP [Not All-inclusive] are Cosmic Power (25%/rank), Aetherial Drain (25%/rank), SpellSword (20%/rank), Satyr Spirit (12.5%/rank of Gold Find on gear).

4. Quantity of Glass cannon affixes (reduces your HP by 18% per legend affix [Max PvE at 50%] if not on an eternal gear). Quantity of Barbarian affixes (reduces MP by 18% per legend affix [Max PvE at 50%] if not on an eternal gear).

5. Qty of Elixir / +Sets Legend Affix (you can only have Max of +2 sets total). This means that for Elixir Mythstone on Amulet or Ring that value will become +1 sets in PvP and the same goes for the Legend +2 sets value. The sum of these sets will be added to the gear set you take to PvP. For example, if you have One Gear with Plagued set and if you have +2 sets on amulet and/or ring, the Set Value will be Plagued (3) or 25%x3= 75% increase in HP. Two gears with Plagued sets would yield Plagued (4) or 25%x4= 100% increase in HP. This HP % does not get added into your HP% from item 2 above.

6. You need to know your HP/MP Stat investment. If you place all your points (98) in HP then your investment into HP becomes 103 (Power and MP would be 5 each in this example).

Calculation Example HP: (The exact logic is used to calculate MP)

– 7x Flat HP at 1540 each

– HP Stat Investment All points - 98 pts (Total invested). Visual total would be 103.

– Plagued Set 1 (25% HP/ Rank or 75%)

– Battle Mage Set 1 (20% HP/ Rank or 60%)

– Vampiric Touch Set 1 (25% HP / Rank or 75%)

– +2 Sets Elixir on Amulet

– +2 Sets Legend Affix on Ring

– HP%: Obsidian HP% 1x at 19% (From 75% max value)

– Legend Balance 1x at 14% (From 50% max)

Flat HP = 1540 x 7 = 10,780

HP% = 19% or 1.19

Balance = 14% or 1.14

Plagued = 1.75 (25%/ Rank + 1)

Battle mage = 1.60 (20%/Rank + 1)

Vampiric Touch = 1.75 (25%/Rank + 1)

Sets 2 (Elixir 1 + Sets 1)

HP Stat Point Investment 98 (103 Displayed)

Visual description of calculation:
(1750+150xRound(HP Stat x 20/99,0) + (Flat HP Qty x 1540))

Calculate HP from Above:

(1750+150xRound(98 x 20/99,0)+ (7x 1540))x1.19x1.14x1.75x1.60x1.75 = 103,233 in PvP this would be displayed as 103.2K.

–> important note: your base HP from the scenario above is 15,530 or (1750+150xRound(98 x 20/99,0) + (7x 1540))

You will see base HP and MP data listed in some of the sets like Vampiric touch - Bleed heals X % of Base HP blah blah blah - you can easily get the idea this does not help you in PvP.

If we use the information from Above as a follow-on and now add Faun Gift Set Plus have all 6 Gear nature’s (Beryl Crystal on gear) as Luck and 2x Obsidian Luck at 53% each, then the new calculation would become as follows;

Faun Gift HP Increase is 12.5%/Rank of Luck on Gear.

Nature = 25% x 6 = 150%
Obsidian = 53% x 2 = 106%

0.125x3 = 1+(37.5% x (150% + 106%)) = 1.96

Updated HP with addition of Faun Gift Detail follow-on example:

(1750+150xRound(98 x 20/99,0)+ (7x 1540))x1.19x1.14x1.75x1.60x1.75x1.96 = 202,337 in PvP this would be displayed as 202.3K.

Another follow-on example based on data from last follow-on above (includes Faun scenario):

Accounting for initial HP and Faun Gift, let us now account for 2x more Obsidian HP% at 19% each (perfect Rolls or 3 Obsidian HP%), 2 Plagued Gears and 2 Vampiric Touch Gears.

(1750+150xRound(98 x 20/99,0)+ (7x 1540))x1.19x1.14x2.0x1.60x2.0x1.96 = 348,668 PvP this would be displayed as 348.7K.

If you changed the last follow-on scenario to have all of your Stat points in Power or MP then your HP would become;

(1750+150xRound(0x 20/99,0) + (7x 1540))x1.19x1.14x2.0x1.60x2.0x1.96 = 281,314 PvP this would be displayed as 281.3K.

Your Base HP from above would become;

(1750+150xRound(0x 20/99,0) + (7x 1540)) = 12,530

Use the logic provided from above to determine MP.


To be clear, this information is not provided by the developer or in the testing group. This exact calculation method was determined through rigorous testing between @Midlumer and myself.


This is helpful thanks for your contribution. You know your shiz’ nits. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you @CupidStunts I am just sharing the information I have learned over the past 2+ years and 20K+ arena matches since they released PvP.

Hopefully this will help to make the arena more creative and active. I also hope all players know that just because some of us are testers and/or Mods, that does not mean the developer shares how everything works etc. The developer also does not give us an unlimited amount of gold, crystals or mythstones - this was my misconception for a long time.


Thanks @Mr_Scooty! Amazing I’ll be sure to take some notes in this heheheheh

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You are very welcome! Just bookmark the initial link so you can reference it in the future. I am trying to push enough information out to everyone so that every player has a chance to be Number 1. Also, if anything is not clear just me know and I will try to help clear things up.

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Much appreciated! :grinning:

Where did you get the 1750 value in this equation?

How about +2 or +3 Strength. How to calculate that?

1750 is base HP value. It means if you had 0 HP affixes (HP%, HP+, Balance, etc.), you would have 1750 HP anyway.

+1 Strength = 1% HP

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Thank you. When I calculated this formula I don’ get the same value.

Ok. What did you calculate?

Breaking down the formula below.

(1750+150xRound(98 x 20/99,0) + (7x 1540))

Part 1. Round(98x20/99)= 19.7979 or you Round to 20 {You cannot have a partial stat point}

Part 2. 1750+150x20=4750

Part 3. 7x1540=10,780

Part 4. 4750+10,780=15,530


15,530 = (1750+150x20) + (7x 1540)

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Wasn’t it 1250 HP before anything else before that hp 299 becomes 103 ? I remember that calculation Midlumer did for the exact HP before patch 3.0 but it’s great to see the calculation of this patch :slight_smile: .

When I first solved it I’ve got a decimal. My mistake I should’ve put it on excel to get the exact value. Thank you.

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The round function may have thrown some folks off so thank you for asking. The stat value needs to be an integer. Hopefully, the explanation will help others.

Thank you for the clarification.

May I ask one more thing. About the Glasscannon affix how much percentage does it remove on your HP?

You’re welcome.

Glass cannon can decrease your HP by 18% on a legend gear and up to 36% on eternal gear (each affix).

Base HP was 1250 before Ver 3.0.

Yes I know. But thanks anyway for showing calculation.

Do you know the calculation about damage reduction? May I know how. Thank you.