PvP Set Bonus Activation Details

This post is intended to help all players understand how to activate set bonuses for PvP. I have held onto this information for a very long time now and it is time to share with everyone. I have shared this information with a few people and had withheld sharing because of the worry about cheaters ruining the game. However, after careful consideration I believe it is better to share with everyone. This will help all players improve PvP dramatically

Examples of what is meant by set bonuses are below. For each set bonus in PvP, you must take the PvE bonus and multiply by 40%. For example, Inferno bonus would be 100% x 0.40 or 40% DoT increased duration. Electrified bonus gives 75%x0.40 or 30% increase in damage to stunned enemies. The bonuses will highlight on the character you are controlling in the arena. After or during an arena match, go look at your gear with the bonus and it will be highlighted/activated. If you are using a bonus on a hireling in 2v2, the activated bonus will not show but it will be working. I have only listed a few examples below but you get the idea on what it takes to activate the set bonus and the bonus reduction from PvE to PvP. Feel free to ask clarification questions if I did not explain this well enough. There are many other set bonuses I did not list but they work as well. You can also use logic from above on set bonuses and test other bonuses I did not provide.

Inferno Bonus

In PvP you only need one Inferno set to activate this bonus for 40% more DoT duration.

Electrified Bonus

In PvP you only need one Electrified set to activate this bonus for 30% more damage to stunned enemies.


Druidic Bonus

In PvP you only need one Druidic set to activate this bonus for 3500 HP Regen per second (5000x40%x1.75 (1.75 is from 25%/rank from druid set). I used this in one of my old Wizard builds.

Plagued Bonus

In PvP you only need one Plagued set to activate this bonus for 30% more storm damage.

Berserker Bonus

In PvP you only need one Berserker set to activate this bonus for 200% Bleed Damage - used in my old warrior build.

Aftermath Bonus

In PvP you only need one Aftermath set to activate this bonus for 30% more Meteor Damage.


Awesome post! Bonus requirements are halved in PvP and of course they work 40% of the original in PvP.

PvE: Aftermath Bonus 75%+ increased meteor damage. Requires 2 aftermath.

PvP Aftermath Bonus: 1 Aftermath but 30% increased meteor damage.

Similar story for every bonus and even if it said 3 set in PvE, it’s 1 in PvP because you can’t have 1.5 sets.In 3.0, it’s better than before since it’s half the set requirement overall in PvE and PvP . It was once 10k HP Regen from Druidic bonus whilst requiring 4 sets and 4k HP Regen whilst requiring 2 sets or druidic ;but now in 3.0 , it’s 5K HP Regen with 2 sets and in PvP, 1 set for 2k HP Regen.

It definitely makes builds more flexible though when set bonuses have halved set requirement in 3.0 so that PvP set bonus builds are easier. Even my Will of the Force benefitted from toned down Permafrost bonus

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These information should be made available to all, let alone be included in patch notes and codex. These info should not be withheld by DQ testers alone who has access to first hand information from the devs and be used to their advantage. If this post had been shared before and my post wee not getting deleted players could’ve had a better chance of creating a better builds in pvp.


Yes @f00kee that is why I shared the information. I knew of the bonuses many months before I became a tester or mod. The Devs did not share the information with me when I was a regular player and I had no access to testing information. I did not share the information because I was too worried that cheaters would use the information to destroy the game I love so much. I have played DQ for over 2 years and 2600+ hours. However, after reading yours and Todds posts, I have decided the information would be better to share with the community. I will do my best to make sure all players have even footing. I will try to make additional posts to give better insight and understanding so everyone can make competitive builds. There are so many possible combinations that it is mind boggling.

I have also posted about damage reduction in order to help players as well.


Proof that the bonus that say 2 set in PvE means 1 in PvP. For Permafrost bonus, it’s very much like Druidic bonus but using MP Regen so from 5K Regen to 2k Regen in PvP since 5000×40% = 2000 .




OMG, it is REAL!

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Yes @luisfsk it is very real. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I did not explain something well enough.

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Just wondering that why you forgot Permafrost bonus :joy:.

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I only provided a few examples to illustrate how to activate set bonuses in PvP, math and requirements. There are far too many set bonuses for me to list. I asked @CuzegSpiked to illustrate the activated permafrost bonus since I showed him how the bonuses worked about 5 months ago.


how about the zealotry bonus? which need 3x zealotry to activate the bonus ??

1× in PvP. Since it’s halved.

I tried this one before and I believe it took 2 to activate Zealotry Bonus. I could not tell a difference when I had this Bonus activated also - the healing seemed very minor. Check your gears after a match with one to see if it is activated. If not, it should be activated after two.

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can u tell me how to activation set like vortex or epihany? i try to make it active but still brown…