Tier list help with build and a returning player

Hello, I’ve come back to the game after so long, and I’m astonished to see the game is still alive and doing well, and I hope the developers are doing well also. I just logged in to the game, and my save is still intact. Dungeon Quest 2 xD haha When? I still remember when the game first started out. I downloaded the game and played it on my “Samsung Galaxy Pro.”

I’m here to ask about any build recommendations for my Archer.

the top-tier or OP ones to grind for or keep an eye on

to compete or clear easily on higher floors.

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Welcome Back!

did you leave before Patch 3.0? that was the biggest patch in the last 6 years, the others were small or medium 3.?.? type of patches or upgrades/bug fixes. just do a quick Search :mag: for Patch 3.0 and higher to get a broad idea of changes and updates. that should give you the fastest idea of any changes for better or worse for your Archer Build.

also, if you could share what your Build looks like now, that would help a lot.

one thing that came up was, that about floor 13,000ish or 16,000ish and higher, Crushing Blow does INF billion damage for instant enemy kills. someone showed a video with items with only CB doing INFB. it was pretty cool!

did you know Pets can be crafted with some of the crystals? that’s really cool!

I don’t actually remember here’s my weird build back in the day :rofl:

I didn’t know you can craft pets now omg still remember farming them lol

And I love like to see the link about the INF damage build on ranger can you link it?

in the Going Floor 50k thread, someone shares that at floor 13k, Crushing Blow causes INFB with only Crushing Blow on the Items. the video isn’t showing for some reason, but it was amazing to watch, plus he showed the items with only CB. can work for any class.