Weaken affix help

Why can’t I get weaken on my axe? I only used angelite and kyanite to try and add weaken. I already used about 75 still no luck. Do I need to use topaz instead?

Angelite is random rolls for Normal (Yellow) and Epic (Orange) affixes, unless you have 5 affixes on an Item, in which case the 6th affix will always be Epic. there are a lot of affixes, and some come up more often that others. I have had an affix I don’t want rolled up 5-8 times for 10 different affixes before I roll what I want or run out of Crystals.

Topaz can speed up your chance for Weaken, giving 6 random Epic affixes per Crystal, but RNG can still sting you for a bunch of Topaz.

depending on RNG (random number generator), you could get what you want with the first roll or after spending :100:'s of Crystals (I feel your pain in the spending 100 of Crystals). also, if you already have Crystal +90% Weaken or the Weaken Myth Stone on your Axe, you wont be able to roll it. if you have the MS, you can take it off, roll the Weaken, then put the MS back on the Axe.


Thanks Golem! Actually I saw your epic farm build and it helped me understand the game better and that’s what I’m doing right now. I dropped this game last time because I can’t understand how affixes and equipments work but thanks to your guide I now know where to start. Thanks a lot bro!!

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no worries. I am still looking for good Affix Synergies, especially when it comes to Set affixes and Mythic affixes.

here is a good post that helped me see how useful Weaken is, whether Effective is worth having on my Build or not (have been thinking about how useful it is on certain Builds), and the Pro’s & Con’s of using Ignore Resist.

to be honest, it took a lot of time playing and some more time Searching :mag: the DQ Forum for help and tips, not to mention reading the Codex and then making Builds to understand most affixes, and now I am starting to look at affixes I don’t normally use, as I am getting ideas for even more Builds.

in my early days, I learned how powerful Crit Chance & Crit Damage are, then Deadly Strike and Brutal Mythic. after that, I started learning lots of the other stuff, since I knew I could kill monsters instead of the other way around.

these posts also apply to only Epic affix Builds (except for the Brutal Mythic), but wont be as powerful as items/builds with Legend/Mythic affixes. they will help in learning for when you find the Legend items for the more powerful builds and then have a better idea of how to use them.