what is ED%?

what is ED%?

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ED% stands for “Elemental Damage” and this affix will increase your elemental damage based on the the current value it has as percentage.


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here are 3 Posts that can help you understand how ED% works and how to make it work really good. if you are just getting started with Dungeon Quest, they might be too much information, but later on they can help you refine any build you are thinking of Crafting.

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ED is an element reduction in addition to weapon damage.

no, ED doesn’t reduce damage in any way.

now, if you mean that monsters have resistances to Elemental Dmg, that is a different mechanic from ED.

a monsters resistance to one or more Elements is different from a Characters damage from one or more of the Elements on their Equipment.

could you be referring to the +400 Resist Element (Fire, Shock, Ice, Arcane, or Poison) versus the +20%, +100%, or + 5000 Elemental Dmg?

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