Griffin's Smithery: Masterpost

##Griffin’s Smithery: Masterpost##

this is a master post of all the links too Griffin’s Smithery guides organized in a nice and concise fashion :grin:
Any stat with a given cap will have it listed with all of the other info on that stat in these guides

How to:

What does it do:
Heroic Skills


Do to a combination of tablet problems and more recently being incredibly busy over the last little bit I haven’t had the ability too update the Griffin’s Smithery Resources like I would have liked too however my time should be freeing up over the next couple days and the tablet problems have cleared up so expect many updates and additions to the Griffin’s Smithery topics over the next little while! :smile:


When you have time is it possible to get another page added showing where crafting with crystals is applied to the inventory screens? I for one have issues reading and retaining info unless I can have a visual aid to fall back on. I snagged a couple of images for reference off the site.

Most items I can figure out but where are special effects found and which items are talents and natures. And if I change the element of an item what exactly am I going to change before I waste my crystals and destroy an item I otherwise could have crafted into something greater. Sorry to hear about your tablet issues I recently lost 3 computers and 8TBs of HD storage by using a generator after a power failure when the gen started surging and fried everything.

Thank You for the great guide