Javaman (Ice summoner 2.3.5) UPDATED!

Hi guys! This is my first post here at DQ faqs. I would like to share my build cuz there are not much summoners out there. Though this build is still for testing but I also posted the END BUILD!

The build focuses on long range attacks of the summons together with the fury proc and…with timewarp which gives boost to damage…and lastly Storm for some aoe and added freeze chance since my elemental crit is only 25% chance per attack. I tried to make an ice build because alot of builds are in poison element. Frozen also acts as spike damage when the moster is frozen that may go up to billion (tested on floor up to 500M3)… I know there are still room for improvements. I use this as a hireling for my main…as for the video i honestly dunno how to make one so…anyhow thanks for comments and suggestions in advance!
(BTW I use a momentum pet with 10 summon skill)

Here is my End Build (Special thanks TO: @marwinberna @Athena @Skaul for the build suggestion. Currently farming for crystals and mythics so pls bear with me :blush:)


Prowess(30):Increase DMG of Minions by 75%
Boost(30):Increase Minions Movmnt Speed and Attack Speed by 30%
Diffusion(30): 30% of you Wizard DMG will become the DMG of your Minions
Reclaim(30):30% chance to summon Skullshield
Empower(10): (NOTE: My pet affix) +20% Power, -20% Total HP

Nature> “of Elementals”

Element> Ice

MH: Ragnarok (Rogue-change toStaff); (Comet,Torrent)
Apocalypse: Summon 3 furies that fall from the sky, shattering the earth below
Defiant(5): Increases DMG and reduces DMG taken +25% and +25% of total HP% missing
+45% Crit Chance
+100% Weapon Damage
+5000 WDMG
+50% Summon Damage

OH: Ashakic Records (Wizard); (Summon, Command)
Nova: Cause an elemental explosion with 100% chance for elemental critical
Summoner(5): Increase Summoner Talents by 10 and increase Summon Affixes by 38%
+225% Gold Find
+100% Elemental Damage Crit
+30% Elemental Crit Chance
50% Glasscannon

Head: Aether Cover (Wizard)
Synergy: Command’s 10%heal and summon’s 50% speed boost also affect you
Frozen: Makes frozen enemies explode +125% DMG dealt when killed
+100% Elemental Damage
+100% Elemental Damage Crit
12.5% Clearcast
+10000 HP

Chest: Aetherial Wrap (Wizard)
Bloodmagic: Replace all MP,MP regen and mp leech with HP Equivalents,and removes your MP bar.
You now uses HP to cast spells.Spell cost is doubled.
DMG is increased by HP missing divided by 1.25%
Aetherial Drain(5): Increases elemental crit chance by +25% and total MP by +125%,
Elemental crits restore 1% Base MP. Removes MP Regen
+225% Crit DMG
+100% Elemental Damage
+100% Elemental Damage Crit
+12.5% Clearcast

Ring: Clasp of Terror (Rogue)
Draught: Your MP potion increases attack and move speed by 50% for 3s instead of restoring MP
Haunting Bonus: Gain 100% Total DMG when you have at least 40 Clearcast equipped
Summon Master(5): Increases Tome Skill ranks +10 and Max# of Spirit Minions +2.5% (rounded down)
+225% Gold Find
+12.5% Clearcast
+2 Set Affix (Elixer Mythic)

Amulet: Masochist Fetish (Rogue)
Satyr Spirit(5): Increase Total MP% and Total AR% + 62.5% Gold Find on gear
225% Gold Find
50% Push the limit
Ignore Resist
12.5% Clearcast
+2 Set Affix (Elixer)

Pet (This is my actual pet and im really happy on its affixes :smiley:)
Momentum(5): Increases Damage +50% of total MS Bonus
(NOTE: Since the cap for Momentum is 100% MS, Due to having the Synergy and Draught Mythic it is achievable!!! :wink::smiley:)
+10 Empower
+75% Crit DMG
10 Summon
+10 Bleed Chance
+250 HP on HIT


Set Affix>>
Defiant (5)
Summoner( 5)
Frozen (5)
Aetherial Drain (5)
Satyr Spirit (5)
Momentum (5)

Bonus Affix>>
Haunting Bonus

Other Affixes>>
Minions Movmnt Speed and Attack Speed by 30%
Tome Skill ranks +10 and Max# of Spirit Minions +2.5% (rounded down)
Increase Summoner Talents by 10 and increase Summon Affixes by 38%
+45% Crit Chance
+300% Crit DMG
+100% Weapon Damage
+5000 Weapon DMG
+125% Summon Damage
+675% Gold Find
+300% Elemental Damage Crit
+200% Elemental Damage
+30% Elemental Crit Chance (NOTE: Can be Changed to Summon Damage if your satisfied with 25% from Aetherial Drain)
+50% Clearcast
+10000 HP
50% Glasscannon
50% Push the limit
Ignore Resist
10 Summon
+10 Bleed Chance
+250 HP on HIT


Other Reference: DISCLAIMER…These are not mine. With utmost respect to the owners. :smile:

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More Builds in the making! I have already laid out the build plan in my notepad.

  1. Green Maelstrom (with Eternal Vacuus Scipio)
  2. Armaggedon (Aftermath Bonus Build)
  3. Mr. Ninja (Scoundrel Build)
  4. Chakram Rogue (Alchemy Mythic Build)
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Mythic skilled only on MH primary :laughing::laughing:
Cosmicorb is a mythic skill also
Permafrost is a set affix boosting ice dmg

@Athena Thanks dude!!! Looks like i should switch to BRUTAL and rage then.

I recommend Sanctuary on Amulet.

@Skaul That would be helpfull for survivabilty though i think the build would suffer in damage without the ENERGY Mythic. Thanks btw!

Since you want to use brutal mythic. Deadlyarts set affix are best to use and add more crystal affix dodge for survival

@Athena Dodge looks nice…can substitute to summon HP…though i dunno where to put the Deadly Arts XD

Change aethereal drain to deadly arts
Change 1 explosive to elemental critical

Energy can be moved because you have affixes like Explosive that are pointless.

@Skaul @Athena I see…maybe ill make another set for the amulet and chest…If only we could remove the nadroji bonus XD.

Aether Wrap has ED%.

I have a question beofore i wrap up my build…is skull shield and skulldraga considered summons? Will it benefit from summon affixes? Thanks!

Hopefully you can get IDEAS here.

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Skullshield and Skulldraga are not benefitted on Summon bonus effect but they can have bonus when you choose Necrotic I think (Increase skull DMG)

@marwinberna Oh I see thanks for the build info dude, ill dump the skull shield idea then. Ill be posting the end build soon need to farm more crystals XD.

Why cant i edit my post!?!?!

@griffin help i cant edit my posts!

Thanks for the builds :smile: . After many months , you are removed the ability to edit posts. Trust me, I know the feeling. If you’re a moderator though , you can edit posts regardless of age but if you want to edit post, you could ask moderator or make another post regarding the changes. Hope this helps :slight_smile: