Now or 2.1

Basically I wanted to create a fortune bringer build but i dont know if it’s still good for 2.1? Or should i wait for 2.1 before creating a farm build?

Wait for 2.1. It will be coming out soon, best to wait rather than make the build now just to realize it is no good in there.

2.1 release is around 1-2 months from now or maybe 3-4 we never know, it depends on you if you can still wait or cant, if its fortune bringer then theres no problem coz its for pve and not pvp

Dude if the patch is 3-4 months away I will have quit by then. I started playing this game and quickly did everything there was to do, kinda. I’m not really into the Ai based pvp so just getting to eternal was the goal. Also, there’s no difference between farming floors 1k+ and farming floors 300 since the drops are all the same so I’m content with the floors I have gotten to.
2.1 is going to be the thing that gives me the reason to play hardcore again. I just don’t think I’ll hold on for 3-4 months with nothing to do.

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Dude dont quit, dq is a great game dude, and if they even release it after 3-4 months i understand dude, coz its not that easy, its all about coding, haha

I get that updates take a while to test, polish, and release but I don’t know if I can maintain the enthusiasm for multiple more months.
I know dq is great! Since the first time I played it I thought it was enjoyable. I have even supported the devs by making a few game purchases which is something I normally don’t do. I know I probably sound whiny on the forums because I want the new patch to be out so I have new things to do. I’m pumped about the new builds and what not. Just not excited about the current builds anymore.


The state of content updates (and where we stand as a company)

Updates take a great chunk of time to do. I don’t know if everyone relaizes but Steigerbox does all and I mean A L L of the code work for the updates. I handle some code stuff on the build side but it is Chris flying solo for the most part when it comes to getting these updates ready.

We have a great number of helpful testers that help us vet our game play changes. This kind souls play out of the kindness and passion for the game.

I do all the hardware testing (and in most cases it could be argued that I do a poor job at that). But when there are over 2500 Android devices along that can play our game testing for every hardware issues is impossible for us…but we try.

We also try to work to get as much exposure for our game as possible. If we have an option to say, get featured with a potential partner but they only have a slot for us in X weeks away, we have to take that gamble. A feature like that could put us in a great position to make our current game even more awesome!

I know how frustrating it can be to wait for a patch or content follow up (I play games too!) but understand we are not going this in any sort of malicious way. We are just trying to deliver the best product possible for our players AND position our games to be as successful as possible.

Bottom line, thanks for your patience and Ascension will be here as soon as we can make it so :smile:


dont worry we understand :smiley:
in my case, yes im excited for 2.1, but im not letting that excitement made me bored on the current version (2.0) im just enjoying the game, just going with the flow, i dont care how many months i have to wait just to play that 2.1, :smiley: what important is you will release that patch :smiley:
sorry for my bad english hope you get my point :smiley:

Why not open the dev/tester/coders up to a larger team?

There are applications for testers. In my experience, they’ll accept you if you have good intention.

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That’s sweet. I might seriously think about it. It would give me more to do and it would have a positive impact on the community verses my normal ranting :smile:.

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I’d be happy if they just patched in the bug fixes, especially the default bug.

What’s the default bug?

A Rogue Exploit that basically pretty much everyone is using in the Eternal League to make it to the top. You can one shot (two if they have Sanctuary) pretty much anyone and win.

I think he is talking about the arena default bug.

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Yeah I did a search if the forums for it after I asked. Now I just feel silly using blood magic on my rogue when I was doing pvp. Oom 1 shots would have been nice to know about lol.

The only thing I really noticed that seemed a little bug-ish was being insta killed even when I have sanctuary. Some fights, mostly blink users, would get in a good shot and kill me out right instead of triggering the sanctuary effect.

blink user usually use fire element and its kind of double tap kill. lets say they blinkstrike u. it will be
Blinkstrike xxxx damage
Your senctuary
bleed/Fire DoT xxxx damage

in combat log there aren’t show when senctuary active but usually u will see those blinkstrike and the next coming attack (bleed or dot) in same sec.


Yeah cronos I have seen that a lot lately. That appears to be the new norm.

@fodder: It’s no biggie really. Just commical to see all these rogues with records of 165-13 make number one in Eternal League and I have over 2500 fights. The one hit bug is basically an “I Win Button” to the top of Eternal.

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One reason i refuse to use a rogue in arena or campaign. Takes no skill or thinking to that. An why i quit playing arena as well. Just wished i could have more crystals to use to fool around with to make gears.