Summoner PvP?

Hello guys,
Last Time i shared my summoner warrior perma stun build to support my DPS Wizard on 2v2 and to kill Shooter in 1v1.

Today i have obtained an awesome eternal pet on a random 1300+ Map. (Lucky)
First, i think i could use it on a warrior tank because bleed effect on eternal pet.
But with the element set, i Can double cast Summon and also double heal with synergy. And i think it’s more efficient than scalp. With vampiric set, i heal myself too on bleed effect.

I think it’s a support build too because on 1v1, people are too powerfull but i think later it Can be a good duo with my warrior. Duo summoner, with healer. One who perma stun, the second who hit.

Any Idea?


I tested a summoner craft about 3 or 4 years ago. Post below. I will look at what you posted above.


Look at post below on bleed / heal mechanics test I conducted a while back.


I feel like I didn’t read all of that when it was first written. I’m going to have to look at the threads again.

there are many other ways to heal without Regen, so the possible poor healing from Vampiric Touch Set isn’t too much of a burdensome curse.


Hi Scooty and thank you.
Your investigation is very impressive :flushed:

You teached me lot of things about vampiric set. Even without good healing on bleed, my wizard heal 76k HP per Summon. And 80k+ for my warrior.
Your post with Summon damages is awesome but i dont know if It’s viable now because the summons will be destroys before they Can touch anything. And now, the immortal build with mp absorb is nerfed.

I have tried sadisme but i haven’t seen the difference. First i was thinking the more HP i have the more damage it makes. But it seems it doesn’t work like that.
Healing with offering affixe Can be very good too.

Now i think about testing a Trap build with killswich affixe to see how much damage it Can make. It Can possibly kill Shooter if you create Trap on rogue projectiles (talent). A little damage on high range gun, enormous damage on Trap explosion. But It’s just theory. I think i will use ressources in vain :rofl:


anything you learn from testing isn’t in vain, as you learned something new.


My old summoner pvp is still good i see


That is outstanding Lee!!

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Cheers pal but its a nightmare to play . And my reflexes are not very good these days . Im 53 :nerd_face:

age and guile will overcome youth and energy every time! :rofl:


Im more than happy with my rogue summoner.

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Wow, really powerfull :flushed:

To show you the effect of my healing :

For 30 seconds, i Can heal more than my entire HP.


Lol :nerd_face:


@Deathbro very old video of an early prototype of my pvp summoning rogue Amazon Photos. The best guide is by @NUIQUE . I had this mad idea of a pvp summoner. We both shared ideas privately making our summoning rogues. Our builds are similar but also we also differed to make the builds unique to us as players Pistoleer Rogue Build: Summoning Princess


Very impressive :flushed:
Hard for me to play like that, jump again and again. I prefer rough gameplay, i Come, i hit, you die :joy:
Or i Come, i Summon, you dont die but you dont kill me

I have learned Yesterday that if you want to perfect your crystal affixe, you Can use a second obsidian on your crystal equipment. It will propose another affixe but it wont change it and it will upgrade your current affixe. Maybe i was the only one who didn’t know that :rofl:

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Hard for me to play too. I have poor reflexes. Im old. But its fun and exciting. But i loose a lot. @NUIQUE got to top spot div one with that build so i suggest that build is better. If your going to make a summoner then its a challenge :sunglasses:

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I remember seeing that video before, and now I think it’s like a combination of @CuzegSpiked Rogue PVP with Summon abilities. his Rogue Vaulted around a lot, like @dickwad Rouge does. I really need to finish my Ascending, but I’m going so slow for the last few levels. almost at the finish line!


@Deathbro this is the badwolf


Wow, just an awesome build with huge damage and sustain with high move speed and Summons. Master piece for 1v1 :+1:

My builds are extremely OP on only one stat, not enough flexible to fight multiple gameplay at once. If someone Can be top 1 with this build, it seems It’s really one of the best build in the World.

Now i remember your name and your shooter that kill my low range wizard many many many Times :joy:

Nuique is truly the King of this game. I keep the first place on 2v2 only because i think he is tired to push again :thinking:

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