Need Chakram AI Build

Uh hello. I’m new to this forum. I found this forum through searching the Google. So I found out that this game has PVP, and it can be 1v1 and 2v2. I found out that 2v2 doesn’t mean another person gets to control my secondary character, the ai does.

I really like to have a build that is useful with an ai using the character, and uses chakrams. Could any of you tell me any builds that I can use that are actually useful with pictures?

What I’m Looking For:
Equipment Stats (All 7 of them)
Equipment Special Skills (Both of them)
Equipment Natures (All 6 of them)
What stats to upgrade
What skills to upgrade
AI Settings for this build

check this out for ideas and tips. it should help with the first 5 things your are looking for, at least a little bit. best advice for A.I. settings is put your Character in the Practice Arena and see if the A.I. setting is doing what you want it to do, and if not, keep tweaking it until it is. camping, attacking, dodging, and the different Skills all require different A.I. settings to fight effectively.

The problem is that I do not know what kind of AI settings I want, hence why I’m asking for settings to be shared, as well. You can’t expect me to find out the ai settings by myself if I don’t know what I want from my AI, even when I have a build to work with.

Also, the link you have given me is a Wizard build. I cannot use chakrams as a Wizard, so why do you bother me with it?

because the foundation of that Wizard Build can be used with any of the other Classes. the guy that posted that Thread has a Warrior just as strong as the Wizard. and there are players with Rogue Builds just as strong. some players use different ways to have strong builds, but @Mr_Scooty is the one who shared some good tips to help players make strong Builds of any Class, he just happened to use his Wizard to do it. don’t worry, I won’t be the only one with answers for you. and as far as the A.I. goes, of course I expect you to find out the A.I. setting by yourself. sure, there are posts that share good tips and ideas for what to do with the settings, but the bottom line is that your Builds are yours. if you have an A.I. setting that isn’t doing what you want, change them. the best post I have read on settings said to just go to the practice arena, and try out the settings 1 at a time to see what is best. you say you don’t know what you want from your A.I. well, do you want to be aggressive, defensive, jump around like a rabbit or charge in like an angry bear. if you have a better idea of what you want your Toons to do in the Arena, Players will have a better idea of good tips to give you for the settings.
now, just so you know, I am LAZY and haven’t done the testing settings in the Practice Arena at all, well, not as much as I should, but if I have an idea of a better setting, I might test it out before I put it in the Arena, but not all the time. like I said, I am lazy. besides, I have learned that when I put a different build in the Arena, I have to redo the settings to make up for the difference between the builds.

I think check that guides for learn almost everything about game.Then u can conceive game logic better&faster so make your self build.

Mid’s DMG Max Guide

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All I’m looking for is a good pvp build that involves the use of chakrams for the Rogue class, why do you people don’t want to help me?

If I could think one for myself, I would already check the guides that you have post before, and make my own build, not helplessly ask in this forum.

First of all, I don’t think any of us are going to theorycraft your build for you. At the very least, you need to be more specific about your goals with your build.

That said, if you searched the forum for chakram builds, I’m sure you would find some results that you would be interested.

For instance, I have this build, which is a cheap but pretty effective chakram build. With a few modifications to it, I actually did make it to 1v1 Eternal with it.

That said, my build (and really, probably the majority of chakram builds) isn’t really well suited as a backup ai character. Why? Chakrams don’t really reach that far in the arena, and they require skill to use properly, something the AI can never master.

Still, if you wish to go down this path:

  1. For the arena, you are going to want HP and some form of healing, especially if the character in question is to be an AI character. You are also going to want to have some good damage as some players are going to have insane regeneration and/or be immortal alchemy builds. Chakrams do well in that respect because they have high base damage. Another thing you are going to want is 2x +2 Sets because Set bonuses are awesome. Resource mythics are also highly useful (i.e.: Discordance, Equivalence, Alchemy, or Bloodmagic. You could try Energy and Fury as well.)
  2. It really depends on what you want. I use KnightsCharge for my rogue, but whenever I battle in 2v2, my rouge is my primary character, so I am able to utilize my character’s skills to the fullest. I highly doubt the AI can do the same, and depending on how you build the character, you might now want them to be charging at the enemy. Honestly, if this is for an AI character, I’d just keep it at WhirlingBlades. As far as the OH goes, MirrorImage, Command, and Skulldraga are all good choices, but again, it depends on what you want.
  3. I don’t care about natures too much.
  4. Probably power but it depends on what you are building. Mana probably isn’t a good choice.
  5. Doesn’t matter in arena
  6. Can’t really help you there without a better idea of what you are shooting for.
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do a search using @CuzegSpiked Rogue PVP Build. he has a bunch of posts either asking questions or sharing Rogue Builds that he has built, and uses, in PVP. I think I have seen a few posts by him of video’s where he is using a Rogue Build with Chakrams in the Arena that are really good to watch.

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Or log onto his discord chat, im not sure hes as regular here


Thank you :smiley: .